Saturday, 13 February 2016

Animation and Games have amazed me ever since I was a young boy.

Like most of my friends, PlayStation games and Disney movies have been a large part of my leisure time as I was growing up. 

Unlike them, my interest went deeper than just playing the game. 

For animation part, I was always trying to trace the Disney characters and bring them to file.

 I got quite a reputation for constantly analyzing the graphics and the special effects, hungry to know how the best of these had been created.

A large part of my free time is spent on the computer and gaining my skills in software's to create animations and environments.

Now after years I'm improving my skills and waiting for more challenges

My software knowledge:

Photoshop: very good very good

3dsmax: very good (4 years experience)

Blender: good

Poser pro: good

Adobe After effect: good

Unity3d: very good

Unreal Engine: good

Maya: Very good

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